About Us


Who are we?

Fastock assists SMEs from start-ups in need of direction to successful businesses looking to expand, streamline, and increase profits.


What does Fastock do?

Experience has shown that the most common three constraints experienced by an MD/owner of a small business are:

• Time Management
• Resource Management
• Business Growth Management

Such constraints are typically identified and initially examined through the use of a structured and effective business health check process that is non-chargeable. Fastock then works with you, either on an ongoing or project basis, to identify and implement practical solutions to these constraints, calling on industry sector specialists and/or specialised skill-sets as needed.


What type of clients can benefit from Fastock’s business advice?

Any type of SME, from a start-up to a well established business can benefit from our independent advice and practical support. We can help you to grow your business, to survive a challenging situation, to manage change, or for project management support?
General business advice and support, as well as specialist skills, are available that are relevant and appropriate to a vast range of SME’s. Forward thinking organisations and businesses experiencing specific challenges typically benefit the most from Fastock’s involvement. Fastock can also help SMEs deal with banks and other financial institutions,producing effective and quality business documentation, such as business plans behind requests of the bank, with practical support to back them up.